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What is a Mountain Leader ?

The mountain leader is a graduate professional who leads a group (or alone) in the mountains. Unlike the mountain guide, the mountain leader evolves outside the techniques and tools specific to mountaineering. His field of intervention is the discovery of the mountain with different supports of progression. The mountain guide is a naturalist generalist and is primarily discovering the natural mountain environments, heritage and human.

Mountain leaders are organizers and hikers.

The professional activity covers three specific, identifiable but complementary functions: the guiding and management functions of the security of the practitioners; an educative and pedagogic action is also important and underlying in all of their activities (improvement of the physical and technical capacities of the practitioners); mediation for the discovery of the mountain environment in all its aspects (natural, heritage, human). Mediation and interpretation have for object the discovery, the understanding and the appropriation of the mountain environment.

To exercise this mediation action, the mountain guides have the choice between several supports: hiking, snowshoeing and, for some professionals, pack animals, mountain biking (additional qualification) or canyoning (AQA unique to this day issued in 1995).

Why touring in the Alps with a Mountain leader ?

It's amazing ! With a good knowing of his territory, he will be able to make you enjoy your time in an alp area in security. If you want to learn more about a specific topic, you will find a specialist for your tour.

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